Sustainable beauty and household products for the style and environmentally conscious. 



HOPE eco Ltd 

We believe that sustainable and renewable products should be the norm in every home. From cotton buds to shampoo bars, and scouring pads to dish mops. They should not only help us to reduce our impact on the planet but they should benefit others who need a little help too. 


So, we create beautiful, sustainable, everyday household and beauty products that reduce the reliance on single-use plastics and help build a better world by supporting local and global charities.

HOPE eco


Nick & Tash

Nick and Tash started HOPE eco in response

to the ever-increasing problem of single-use plastics. 

With all of the eco-friendly alternatives looking the same, HOPE eco's mission is to create an aspirational, sustainable, everyday product brand, that not only looks after the environment but also the people and animals who need a little extra help too.

Buy HOPE, give hope.

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